Dylan C McComas
Dylan C McComas
Senior Software Engineer in St. Petersburg, FL

About Me

I have years of experience as a software engineer, and have worked at small startups and worked on numerous personal projects. While I'm a proficient full-stack developer, I love learning new technologies and communicating new ideas.

I love building things. When I was young I spent a lot a time breaking and rebuilding computers. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, I'm most attracted to solving real customer problems with a business justification. I'm looking for a senior individual contributor role where I can take on on collaborative team leadership responsibilities, and gain experience with architecture and project management.


  • Project 1: Developing a Back-end for a Movie Database

    Project Webpage: MFlix Github

    • Duration: 2 Weeks
    • Technologies Used: Node.js, MongoDB, Jest, React
    • Project Goals:
      • Build the backend of a movie-browsing application called MFlix
      • Use the Node.js driver for MongoDB to implement basic functionality
      • Include basic and complex movie searches, registering new users, posting comments on the site, writing analytical reports, increase the durability of MFlix's connection with MongoDB, and implement best security practices
  • Project 2: Google Map API Interaction Application
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Technologies Used: Node.js, TypeScript, webpack, axios
    • Project Goals:
      • Build a simple app to understand how to use Google Maps API
      • Render a map and verify user input with the Maps API


My personal interests include:

  • Veganism: I am a proud vegan
  • Dogs: I have two wonderful dogs. Mako, a 5 year old pitlab mix rescue and Dexter, a 5 year old wirehaired miniature dachshund
  • Music: I've spent near my entire life playing instruments. When I am not programming usually I'm listening to music, playing piano, or having fun in Ableton Live.

Current Studies

  • Currently studying GraphQL with MongoDB using Stitch

Other Things

  • Active Member of The Suncoast Developers Guild

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